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Concept driven Bartending service for events

Cocktail Fusion LLC is a Signature Craft Cocktail Bar Catering service specializing in professional event bar staffing and signature craft cocktails bar setups for private, corporate, and luxury style events. You’ll never stress over the safety of guests drinking at your event(s). All venues we work with require event insurance in at least 2 Mil liability coverage, which can cost you up to $4,000/yr. But don’t worry....We are Insured up to 3 Million dollars in General and Liquor liability insurance to ensure your event is fully covered! 


With every service we provide, we automatically include:

  • 100% insurance coverage for your event venue 

  • A FREE initial consultation

  • Complimentary tasting in-home

  • Highly trained professionals, bar supplies, and customized setups!

Get 33% off for your first event!





We cherish our reviews. If we made your day in any way, please let us know with a review!

They let us know what we are doing right and what areas we to improve on. We value your feedback!

We work with many venues and event professionals to bring our clients’ vision to life. If we can help you in any way, feel free to reach out to us at 904.265.5099.

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Awesome Service! Couldn't have asked for a better event! - Michael Arrmano

Drinks 4 Goldilocks ( not to strong, not watered down. Just Right!) - Trina Anderson

I love it and would refer them to everyone! SHOUT OUT TO MY OFFICIAL MIXOLOGIST! - Nicole Hill

Cocktail Fusion did my wife's 33rd birthday party last night and it was awesome. The mixologist arrived on time, setup was professional, very presentable attire, knowledgeable, swift service to 25 guest without sacrificing the drinks or their presentation. I recommend them to anybody for ANY EVENT! - Byrnie J.

I'm absolutely completely satisfied with Cocktail Fusion service of bartending my wedding. Allegra Jackson is the consummate professional. Her staff were equally professional and my guests were happy with the service. I'll recommend and looking forward to working with Cocktail Fusion in very near future. - Sam R.

I had some cocktails created by Cocktail Fusion at an event and it was delicious. I don't normally drink, but I heard everyone talking about how good it was. I am looking forward to planning an event just so I can have them there.-Izzy

Love the concept and the CEO - she is my Goddaughter! - Patricia Parsons

Great service!!! - Lance J.




Recently, we became event
Partners with Recork.

From our pouring events, festivals and wine tastings, we donate all of the corks to RECORK to help save our environment! Check this out!