Cocktail Fusion LLC is a Signature Craft Cocktail Bar Catering service specializing in professional event bar staffing and signature craft cocktails bar setups for private, corporate, and luxury style events. You’ll never stress over the safety of guests drinking at your event(s). All venues we work with require event insurance in at least 2 Mil liability coverage, which can cost you up to $4,000/yr. But don’t worry....We are Insured up to 3 Million dollars in General and Liquor liability insurance to ensure your event is fully covered! 

With every service we provide, we automatically include:

  • 100% insurance coverage for your event venue 

  • A FREE initial consultation

  • Complimentary tasting in-home or at our downtown office 

  • Highly trained professionals, bar supplies, and customized setups!

Whatever we DON’T provide, our Corporate Partners can handle!! So for the event planning DIY'ers...we have you covered!

Our Bartenders are highly trained professionals, specializing in craft cocktail service. They are experienced in high volume service, identifying underage drinkers, and over-intoxicated guests. 

Our Cocktail Servers are highly trained professionals, experienced in quick and efficient service; transporting cocktails safely to and from guest tables or VIPs. Not to mention they will assist in serving wine/champagne bottles, collect table trash, and help close down the bar service area. 

Our Bar Assistants are experts in bar cleanliness and making sure the Bartender has quick accessibility to bar tools and supplies. The perfect support system and they can pour too!!! Every now and then they may have to give the Bartender a hand with making a drink or 2. 

Need more services???

The good news is we do more than just provide staffing for your event bar.

Our Bar Catering includes cups, napkins, straws, coolers, ice, juices, sodas, water, mixers and garnishes for 2-3 signature cocktails. Include this option when you book your Bartender so all you’ll need to get is the liquor.

Our Liquor Acquisition & Delivery service is a service we provide through our liquor retailers. Instead of spending your precious time roaming the liquor store, we have a better solution. Don’t bother leaving the house! We’ll secure your payment for our retailer and they will deliver it to your event!

 Our Signature Craft Cocktail Bars  are our newest feature. Add a champagne wall or request a modern/rustic bar style for your wedding bar. If you’re having a corporate function and need a bar fully dressed in your brand for marketing at your event, this is especially for you!! We have so many options to let you design the bar anyway you like.

Our seasonal signature cocktail is the ‘Pomelo Spring’. Cold pressed cocktails are a perfect selection for a ‘health’ focused event. Feel free to try any of our signature recipes at home.

Learn how to make syrups for your cocktails at home.

We cherish our reviews. If we made your day in any way, please let us know with a review!

They let us know what we are doing right and what areas we to improve on. We value your feedback!

We work with many venues and event professionals to bring our clients’ vision to life. If we can help you in any way, feel free to reach out to us at 904.265.5099.